Welcome to Adventure Sparkle!

My name is Ana, I am a proud Portuguese living and working in the UK since 2012.  I came here to live 3 months after Ricardo (my adventure companion) with 2 bags full of cloths and hoping to get work in my area (tourism). Since then, I have worked in a restaurant and in healthcare, was this what I wanted? No, but I don’t give up and meanwhile I have traveled to unbelievable places!

I was born adventuress, I can’t resist being challenged and I am always look for something better. It isn’t always easy and most times weren’t the best choices, but there is no glory without sacrifice!

I am not a writer, so apologies for my English, my goal with this blog is to share with you what I love the most and inspire you with my travels and some adventures of living in a country, where I didn’t grow up!

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I really hope that you enjoy the ride. 😉