Hello everyone,

Welcome to Adventure Sparkle!

My name is Ana, I am from Portugal and currently I live in the UK. I am driven by my passion for adventure. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I moved here in 2012 and since then we always try to travel as much as we can.

Apart from having a degree in Tourism, I have worked in several fields from call center to restaurant and health care. Crazy isn’t it? The need of having a job and surviving made me work in areas that I would never think of! All of these fields have given me new skills, the chance of knowing new people and made me realise that we can do anything!! All we need is to try and maybe be a little persistent!

Creating this blog is an attempt to share my dream (travel) and to be able to talk about it. I hope to inspire you by sharing our trips so far, plus some adventures of living in a country that I have not grown up in!! You can follow me on  Instagram and Twitter.

I really hope that you enjoy the ride. 😉